How to Write a Headline that SELLS

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How to write a headline that sells

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How to Develop a Brand that SELLS

A dusty old myth is still permeating the advertising industry—more so now than ever with the explosion of personal and professional social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. And it’s leaving otherwise smart, some brilliant, business owners and advertising executives scratching their heads when following the trend reduces their brand to rubble.

Relying solely on consumer data, also known as market research, to drive advertising campaigns and, worse, overall brand development.

Market research is a moving, undependable, often downright false target for two main reasons:

1) What people think they want and what they actually want are often at odds. In the midst of a focus group or when filing out a survey, people might say they want green, but actually purchase red. It happens all the time. Not even the giants are immune.

PROVING IT: According to the Coca-Cola Company’s own executive research based on 200,000 consumer taste tests in the late-’80s, Coca-Cola Classic ranked third, Pepsi Cola ranked second, and New Coke ranked as the #1 tasting cola on the market.

Know anybody who’s had an ice-cold glass of New Coke lately?

Me neither.

Market research said, “Consumers like New Coke.” Consumer’s actual purchases said, “We’re sticking with the Classic.”

2) People want to appear smarter, better educated, and more worldly than they really are.

PROVING IT: Ask your staff or colleagues this question today: “Which section of the newspaper do you read first?” Nine out of ten people who actually read the Comics first will say they first read Arts/Culture, perhaps, or Health/Medicine.

The Comics are read before such sections as Arts/Culture, Society/People, Computers, Automobiles, Health/Medicine, Family, and Kids/Youth … but almost no one admits it.

REMEMBER: Advertisers behind a top-dog, sustainable brand use outside market research as supplementary information, never as the sole driving force behind advertising campaigns or overall brand development.

The other half of the story comes from within.  Look inside and your brand will flourish.

It’s not as hard as you think when you know what you’re doing.

Try it out.

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How to Write Food Advertisements that SELL

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How to Write Advertising that SELLS

If you’re a BUSINESS OWNER …

You know the routine:  it’s advertise or adiós.  

You know the rules: either you convince me I need your product or service, or I’m going to the business that is (you know, your competition).  

It’s just that simple.   

The problem is, it’s also just that simple to advertise all wrong. And most business owners are advertising all wrong.   

Now for the good news: you as a BUSINESS OWNER can learn how to advertise in a way that leads customers straight to your store, or website, or blog, or…   

 All you need is a library card.   

 Here’s your arsenal:   

Get the equivalent of a PhD in advertising in one summer.

It’s true – 99 small business owners out of 100 have read books on, or have a degree in, Finance, Business Ethics, Accounting, and the like. And that’s great. Until they have to advertise their product or service to the world. Now they’re lost at sea, because they can manage a balance sheet, but they don’t have a clue how to get people to buy their products.   

Take one summer. Read four books. Apply the knowledge to your own advertising. Wipe the floor with your competition.   

It’s just that simple.

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Free Links to Blogs of the Mind and of the World

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Get your Master’s Degree in Advertising in one summer … all you need is a library card

If you’re a college student majoring in advertising, marketing, or public relations, this may come as quite a shock to you: you’re wasting your money.       


Because college-level advertising, marketing, and public relations courses deal with theory and conjecture that has no place in real life advertising, where real people’s money, businesses, and livelihoods are on the line.      

It’s just that simple.       

The main problem is, it’s also just that simple to teach and to learn advertising all wrong; an all too expensive lesson. And too many colleges are setting too many students up to do exactly that: spend a boatload of money on schooling and walk out after four years a decade or so behind the creatives that are actually working in ad agencies.      

Now for the good news: you as a college student can earn the equivalent knowledge of a Master’s in Advertising in one summer.      

All you need is a library card.       

Here’s your arsenal:       

Get the equivalent of a Master's in Advertising in one summer ... and a job when you're done.


Get the equivalent of a Masters in Advertising in one summer.      

 99 college students out of 100 who are majoring in advertising have never read these four books. When they stand before an employer who wants to know how they will advertise their products or services to the world, the ad students are lost at sea.      

Take one summer. Read four books. Apply the knowledge to your advertising courses (if you’re still willing to slog through them). Wipe the floor with the rest of your class. Get a job.      

It’s just that simple.

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How to write a blog that sells

Printable pdf of the fourth FREE article in the How to Write series:

How to write a BLOG that sells


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