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The Two Most Important Factors to Get the Medical Attention You Need

It’s not your insurance coverage. It’s not who you know. It’s not even the urgency of your medical condition. While these influencers can be important, they run a distant second to two much more important factors. Continue reading

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How to Develop a Brand that Sells – REPOST

A dusty old myth is still permeating the advertising industry—more so now than ever with the explosion of personal and professional social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. And it’s leaving otherwise smart, some brilliant, business owners and advertising executives scratching their heads when following the trend reduces their brand to rubble. Continue reading

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How to survive in an ad agency

For many people (too many people) who work in an ad agency—from a media buyer to copywriter to a creative director—their day-to-day reality looks and feels more like a battleground for capacity and control than it does a breeding ground for creative output.

But it doesn’t have to be this way … Continue reading

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How to write a tagline that SELLS

When written and presented correctly—a short, concise, and specific selling statement within a print ad, as a graphic in a TV commercial, or under the logo on company letterhead—taglines are advertisements in and of themselves, living on in your consumers’ minds long after the impression of your ads have faded. Continue reading

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How to Write a tagline that SELLS

Give your tagline teeth, and consumers will be chomping at the bit for your product.
Here’s how.
Continue reading

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How to Write a Webpage that SELLS

Printable pdf of the sixth FREE article in the How to Write series: How to write a WEBPAGE that sells Moonlit-BrandingNewsletter-HowToWriteAWebpageThatSells-vol6

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