About the AdMan

My goal in life — well, professionally anyway — is to make words sell. Ten years as a copywriter in the advertising industry and that is still my crowning achievement. 

You can make ’em laugh, you can make ’em gasp, you can make ’em weep, but if you can’t make ’em buy your product or service, you missed the boat. 

I specialize in the book publishing, nonprofit, packaged goods, education, and furniture industries. One, because they are the most difficult industries to make money in (I love a challenge). And two, because they are filled with some of the nicest, most honest, most down-to-goodness folks I have ever met ( I genuine people). 

Tune in daily for updates on how to make your ads sell, including proven tips, tricks, and examples of ads that did just that. Advertising sales info I’m (ironically) offering for free. Why? Because the rules of consumer-response driven advertising — the words, phrases, and design elements that get people to open their wallets — are still being violated by brands big and small every day. 

Ready to turn your ads into gold? 

Let’s rock …


6 Responses to About the AdMan

  1. Drasko says:

    I love the website! Love the information, especially that you are focusing on the hunting and fishing ads.

    Been a great help and will continue to be.

    Keep on rocking out!

  2. father1son says:

    Thank you, Drasko. Our info here at https://actionad.wordpress.com/ has always been free, and it will always be free. Tell your friends and check back often for new updates. If you have anything in particular you’d like to see or read about, let me know!

  3. Doug says:

    On an AdAge blog you made the following statement: “…There is no correlation between consumers LIKING an ad or spending time on a social media platform and BUYING the products being advertised.”

    Do you have any actual data to back that up?

  4. father1son says:

    I do, Doug. I’ll give you two links to start with.
    1) http://adage.com/adagestat/post?article_id=145332
    – Wal-Mart is the only brand that registers on the negative side of NetBase’s 2010 Brand Passion Index. But, as the author of the article rightly clarifies, “Clearly, consumers’ strong dislike of Wal-Mart doesn’t mean that no one shops there.” Clearly, because the company makes billions – $13.3 billion for the fiscal year that ended Jan. 31, 2009.

    2) https://actionad.wordpress.com/2010/07/29/how-to-develop-a-brand-that-sells/
    – Two words: New Coke

    Thank you for the comment, Doug, keep ’em coming!

  5. jane says:

    Well, I’m trying to come up with some direct mail copy to sell subscriptions to a trade (B2B) magazine for the international apparel industry – a far cry from hunting and fishing…but I’m learning a lot from this site and I appreciate the time and effort you are making to share these insights. Thank you!

  6. father1son says:

    Hi, Jane. Your comment alerted me to the fact that my “About the AdMan” page was out-of-date. I have updated it accordingly. Thank you.

    As for your comment, there are proven techniques that make ads sell across all industries. Just as the right combination of certain words and phrases and pictures make most people laugh or most people cry, so do the right combination of certain words and phrases and pictures make most (or, more) people BUY.

    It has taken me ten years, including countless hours of studying, reading, writing, research, and ad testing, to learn these techniques. My hope is to help people avoid the most common mistakes in creating ads … and save themselves a decade or so of work in the process.

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