Get your Master’s Degree in Advertising in one summer … all you need is a library card

If you’re a college student majoring in advertising, marketing, or public relations, this may come as quite a shock to you: you’re wasting your money.       


Because college-level advertising, marketing, and public relations courses deal with theory and conjecture that has no place in real life advertising, where real people’s money, businesses, and livelihoods are on the line.      

It’s just that simple.       

The main problem is, it’s also just that simple to teach and to learn advertising all wrong; an all too expensive lesson. And too many colleges are setting too many students up to do exactly that: spend a boatload of money on schooling and walk out after four years a decade or so behind the creatives that are actually working in ad agencies.      

Now for the good news: you as a college student can earn the equivalent knowledge of a Master’s in Advertising in one summer.      

All you need is a library card.       

Here’s your arsenal:       

Get the equivalent of a Master's in Advertising in one summer ... and a job when you're done.


Get the equivalent of a Masters in Advertising in one summer.      

 99 college students out of 100 who are majoring in advertising have never read these four books. When they stand before an employer who wants to know how they will advertise their products or services to the world, the ad students are lost at sea.      

Take one summer. Read four books. Apply the knowledge to your advertising courses (if you’re still willing to slog through them). Wipe the floor with the rest of your class. Get a job.      

It’s just that simple.


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3 Responses to Get your Master’s Degree in Advertising in one summer … all you need is a library card

  1. RTA says:

    Just wanted to ask, what your thoughts are on how these four books can still resonate in today’s advertising atmosphere? You mentioned that those who graduate are already “behind the creatives” working today, yet several of the books you listed are quite dated as well. Can you elaborate further, specifically, on why you feel even though these books are dated, the info inside is still of relavance.


    • father1son says:

      Hi, RTA. Good question.

      The only thing dated about these books is the year they were published.

      Just like they have for a hundred years prior, consumers today still buy products whose advertising promises them value for money, beauty, nutrition, relief from suffering, social status and so on. All over the world.

      And, with very few exceptions, just like they have for a hundred years prior, consumers today continue to react to the same advertising techniques outlined in these books in the same way … with their hearts, with their minds, and with their wallets.

  2. L.Renee says:

    Your post is SOOOO true. Pardon my exaggerated emphasis, but its needed. I completed my undergraduate degree (Marketing) in 2007 and its a completely different world today in terms of the way everything is marketed and advertised.

    Agencies still want a degree in hand, but you have preached the truth here. In order to be a cut above the rest in the interview herds, one needs to know the tried and true principles like you know how to breathe.

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