How to write a blog that sells

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How to write a BLOG that sells



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1 Response to How to write a blog that sells

  1. Kathleen M Lake MA says:

    ActionAD: Target became a tool of hate-mongers rather than a business when they (MNForward… 6 members!) decided to give money to Tom Emmer, a bigot and a scoundrel. They could have done better, but they chose not to. Where is the Conservative outcry? I know, personally, many Conservatives who abhor fundamentalist, pseudo-christian, hate-mongering. Why is it people on the right can’t divest themselves of this malignant tumor on the soul of humanity? Because… they fear them. Just as they should. Because hate groups, like the pseudo-christian fundamentalists (very similar to the hate groups of Nazi Germany not long ago) will stop at nothing to control the lives of others (I am a devout Christian for 50+ years btw). We need to support gay Americans in their efforts to access their Constitutionally guaranteed equal protection under the law for themselves and their families. Advertising professionals, marketers and others in the industry are made up of a very diverse crowd. They perform an important service in America. They have a voice denied many other groups… and these professionals understand the limits of their field. Most people don’t like bigotry in any form. Rehabilitating the “image” of Target, Best Buy, Pentair and other MNForward members will be a difficult task and require a genuine and concrete effort to “make things right.” We vote twice… once at the polls and again with our wallets.

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