Earn your Master’s in advertising … in one summer

For SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS it’s advertise or adiós.  

Either you tell me why I need your product or service, or I’m going to the business that is (you know, your competition).  

It’s just that simple.  

The problem is, it’s also just that simple to advertise all wrong. And most small business owners are doing exactly that.  

Now for the good news: you as a small business owner can learn how to advertise in a way that leads customers straight to your store, or website, or blog, or…  

All you need is a library card.  

Here’s your arsenal:  

Get the equivalent of a PhD in advertising in one summer.


99 small business owners out of 100 have read books on, or have a degree in, Finance, Business Ethics, Accounting, and the like. And that’s great. Until they have to advertise their product or service to the world. Now they’re lost at sea, because they can manage a balance sheet, but they don’t have a clue how to get people to buy their products.  

Take one summer. Read four books. Apply the knowledge to your own advertising. Wipe the floor with your competition.  

It’s just that simple.


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